Lock City Brewing Pick-up

Pick up is still available to those that want to come quickly and get a 4 pack. 


How does it work?

Simply choose from the items below, place your order online.  Please pick your order up during Lock City hours.  If  you do not pick your order during the same business day, your money will be refunded the same day.



There is a chance that we will run out of a given beer when it comes time to fulfill your order. We certainly hope this does not occur, however, in the event that it does, we will reach out and help either cancel the item(s) or find a substitute.

Pick-up hours are as follows:

Monday:        1PM - 6PM, PICK UP ONLY

Tuesday:       1PM - 6PM, PICK UP ONLY

Wednesday:  1PM - 5PM. PICK UP ONLY


Thursday:      1PM - 9PM, PICK UP 

                      4:30PM - 9PM, SIT DOWN 


Friday:           1PM - 9PM, PICK UP

                      4:30PM - 9PM SIT DOWN  

Saturday:       1PM -  9PM

Sunday:          2PM - 7PM

A Note on Growlers:

We will  have Crowlers on site NOT Growlers, but if you want a Growler you will have to bring your own Growler.


Any questions?

Give us a call at (203-313-6454) or email us at mbushnell@lockcitybrewing.com

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