Babies and Brews

Remember the days when getting together with friends was as easy as showing up to someone’s house with a six pack and seeing where the night took you? Yeah, we barely do either because now-a-days getting together with friends is like a 10 step calculus equation that involves nap times, babysitters, and the search for the Holy Grail: The Kid and Adult Friendly Location. At Lock City Brewing Co, we’ve got you covered! Since parenting and beer drinking go together like Ryder and Chase (yeah, that’s a Paw Patrol Reference) here are the top three reasons why Lock City Brewing is your new go-to family friendly beer destination.

1. Adult and Kid Friendly– When was the last time you hung out with the family in a place that wasn’t cartoon themed? Finding family friendly places can be daunting, (Really? The friggin aquarium AGAIN) and it can often feel easier to just stay home and put a movie on and zone out on the couch. Don’t you owe it to your kids and yourself to spend a fun afternoon in a laid back place, sipping beers, laughing, listening to the stories of the day, while playing a cute board game in place that you and the kids can both enjoy? Instant family time!

2. Judgement Free – You’ve got a Cheerio in your hair? There is some spit up on your shirt that you just learned about? Don’t ask why, but you have to carry around the pink and the blue haired troll doll? US TOO! Parenting can feel overwhelming and push us into isolation, but having and nurturing adult relationships is actually good for your kids and family. Come as you are, messy hair and all, and we’ll take care of you. Plus, we won’t judge you if your shirt is on backwards.

3. Flexible Setting – We provide roomy seating, games and beer, but really, this is a choose-your-own-adventure sort of place. Bring in the snacks your kids like, the toys and games that will make them happy, and make an afternoon out of it. We don’t mind if you drink our Shake Your Booty IPA while bouncing baby to sleep in his snuggly Baby K’Tan, sip our Fresh Blend Cider during a heated game of Slap Jack, or make it through a flight while dominating at Candy Land. In fact, we fully support it!

The bottom line is this: Parenting is hard. We all need a community place to come and see other adults, and Lock City provides a fun, safe atmosphere that kids and adults will love. We’ll even hold your baby if you want while you get that Cheerio out of your hair.